2019 Personalised wall calendar
2019 Personalised wall calendar
2019 Personalised wall calendar

2019 Personalised wall calendar

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These beautiful wall calendars will be personalised with your photographs and printed on high quality paper, having the year displayed on each month page and also the previous and next month in small images either side of the current month.

Once purchased please contact us for sending the photographs. When sending images please name them by the month to which you want them adding. We require 12 photos for a standard calendar, with no photo on the cover (the cover will only show the year 2019 on a plain background). We accept 13 photos if a photo is wanted on the cover as well.

Image Requirements:

Minimum 300dpi. or 1200 x 1200 pixels or higher.
Image formats: JPEG, PDF, PNG, PSD, EPS.

Hints and Tips:

Select an image that is a similar shape to the item.
Select an image without a date and time stamp.
Make sure the visual part of your image will not be where any cut outs maybe.
Send the full image and not a cropped version and we will crop to suit.
Check all spelling and grammar as we will copy and paste any text received and will not take any responsibility for printed mistakes.

When emailing from your smart phones please make sure you send the original photo and make sure it is sent FULL SIZE.
Please note that different shaped and sized images will appear differently on the calendar and may not fill entirely the top of the page.